Health Freedom SRQ

Bridgette Fiorucci


Ensure medical freedom for all of Sarasota County residents. Over the last 3 years, we have seen our freedoms slowly eroding. Decisions have been made in the medical profession that have over ruled a patient’s autonomy.

I would use my position on the Hospital Board to make sure that when executive decisions are made, they will have considered the impact on patients and their medical freedoms. I want to always make sure that you have ALL medical options available, and I will strive to make sure your voice is heard.


Meet Bridgette

Bridgette is simply someone just like you. Someone without political aspirations, but who has seen our freedoms and voices being cast to the side and wants to help do something about it!! She is a passionate patient advocate who has worked tirelessly to help her patients, co-workers, and friends maintain their medical freedoms by fighting against the mandates. With her husband and three children, she has made Sarasota her home since 2016. She is working hard to preserve freedoms not just for you, but also for future generations.

Professional Experience

Bridgette has been a registered nurse for the last twenty-seven years. She has worked in all different settings from rural to inner city, from the ER to the ICU, and from California to Florida. Her experience in all of these settings has led her to have a well rounded view of medicine.

She has seen it practiced well and not so well. She wants to bring her wide ranging experience to the hospital board to help ensure that patients’ rights are at the forefront of any decision being made.

Vote for Bridgette on August 23rd


Community Involvement


Bridgette is actively involved in serving in her local church where she works in the children’s ministry as well as the frontline volunteer staff.

Bridgette is also actively involved in her children’s schools. Most recently, she helped organize and fundraise for the Venice High School Orchestra Final Concert.

Bridgette has also utilized her role as a pediatric and adult Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) to help raise awareness and organize clothing drives to help victims of sexual assault through the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center.

Please email Bridgette for any questions or comments.

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